We Provide All Types of Funeral Services

Ivy Lawn is focused on providing affordable direct cremation services and limited funeral services. Our unique concept provides the finest quality of specialized limited services at an affordable cost.

We believe our families’ satisfaction determines our future. Our mortuary services offer you and the families we serve a “first-class” experience using a concept of cremations and direct cremation burials that saves you money and time.

As a funeral home, we work with you to design the service you want and can offer many locations that will allow for your individuality and provide the space and environment you need. Every life is special and different and we expect that the services you desire will reflect that. Let us know what you envision and we can help you with the specifics. Your choice, when using Ivy Lawn Funeral Home, does not affect the prices as we work closely with Ivy Lawn memorial park and can identify options you may not be aware of.


Graveside Services

This is the most common type of service and makes the most of the outside environment and the serene cemetery atmosphere. You can individualize the services by options in locations and set ups. Let our funeral home help you create the feelings that you want the service to provide.

Garden Services

Consider a small intimate outdoor setting in the cemetery garden areas. They are usually small spaces, but they can help create a simple pleasing service location that will be memorable and special. There are options to add to the space that make a garden location service meaningful and a memory that feels good!

Chapel Services

If you are interested in a chapel or church service Ivy Lawn Funeral Home can accommodate your service by traveling to any location you may choose. If you choose to use the Ivy Lawn Memorial Park location there are 2 chapel areas to choose from. One is a small 50 person chapel with state of the art technical capabilities. It is a beautiful small chapel with an outside area if you have a desire for an indoor and outdoor environment for your service.

We can arrange for use of their large chapel that will accommodate 75 people. High ceilings create great acoustics for music and the area is lovely.