Peaceful Pets

Ivy Lawn loves our furry family members, and we are about to grow into caring for pets. If you love your pets as much as we love ours then you will appreciate that Ivy Lawn Funeral Home will offer pet cremations and pet funerals/services as well. The crematory will be built on the grounds of Ivy Lawn memorial park on Valentine Road in Ventura. The location offers an attractive setting, and a super location so pet owners or vet offices can find up easily.

Ivy Lawn intends to change the industry when it comes to caring for our pets when it is time for them to go. They deserve everything we give to anyone we love and that includes a dignified cremation, in a dignified facility with warmth and dignity we expect. The crematory will be like the human crematory we now have as it will be a location you can come to and see the process, or bring your pet when it is time and leave feeling that you showed them how much you loved them!

We will offer custom urns, grave markers, and prayer cards for your pet. We can arrange a memorial service so you can remember them and include memories, guests and share the love they gave you! Saying goodbye to our pets is devastating and Ivy Lawn Funeral Home respects this and is here for you to create a meaningful good bye!